In addition to displaying your content in a more engaging way, CedTwitterCards can also drive downloads of your mobile applications. you'll be able to specify downloads for users who've not yet installed your app on their device. This will work across iPhone, iPad, and Android (Google Play). Please note that if you have an iPhone app, but no iPad-optimized app, you should include the iPhone app id, name, and url for both iPhone and iPad-related tags. When no value is provided, the Cards will simply render a "View on web" link pointing

title, description, thumbnail are automatically taken from the current article without any user intervention

The Summary Card can be used for many kinds of web content, from blog posts and news articles, to products and restaurants. The screenshot below shows the expanded Tweet view for a New York Times article:

The card is designed to give the reader a preview of the content before clicking through to your website. Below are the minimum properties that this card makes use of, including: title, description, and image.