CedPrettify has been updated to version 1.1.0 for Joomla 3.4/3.5. s. If you do not have this currently installed, you can click the link below and install as normal via the Extensions Manager.

New ideas/features/bugs are always welcomed either through our forums or by using the contact us link.






What's new

  • Translations in French, English and German.
  • New editor button plugin
  • Double number of supported languages recognized to 57: aea, agc, apollo, basic, cbm, cl, clj, css, dart, el, erl, erlang, fs, go, hs, lasso, lassoscript, latex, lgt, lisp, ll, llvm, logtalk, ls, lsp, lua, matlab, ml, mumps, n, nemerle, pascal, proto, r, rd, rkt, rust, s, scala, scm, Splus, sql, ss, swift, tcl, tex, vb, vbs, vhd, vhdl, wiki, xq, xquery, yaml, yml
  • 18 new skins, more than 31 to choose from. New one are
    • Atelier Cave Dark
    • Atelier Cave Light
    • Atelier Dune Dark
    • Atelier Dune Light
    • Atelier Estuary Dark
    • Atelier Estuary Light
    • Atelier Forest Dark
    • Atelier Forest Light
    • Atelier Heath Dark
    • Atelier Heath Light
    • Atelier lakeside Dark
    • Atelier lakeside light
    • Atelier Plateau Dark
    • Atelier Plateau Light
    • Atelier Savanna Dark
    • Atelier Savanna Light
    • Atelier Seaside Dark
  • Added support for displaying line numbers
  • Bug solved so extension only run now for html content
  • Showcase has been updated
  • Documentation has been updated

To learn more about CedPrettify, please visit the following link.

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